4-5 August 2021 | India | Virtual

The annual Human Fraternity Youth Summit convenes the brightest young changemakers from every region, background, culture, and religion, to advance human fraternity and social impact.

Youth delegates are counselled by high-level experts, influential public figures, humanitarian and community leaders, and other global activists.


What is the Summit?

The HFYS is a global platform dedicated to promoting human fraternity among youth, identifying solutions to contemporary human fraternity issues, and uniting behind a common purpose of living together as one human family.

Youth movement

Kickstart a global youth movement, empowered with the necessary tools to take action and make an impact on solving global human fraternity challenges

Inspirational education

Mentor, motivate, and educate the next generation of leaders to become voices of human fraternity and change in their own communities

Peace platform

Create a global platform for fraternity, peaceful coexistence, and inter-religious dialogue

Stemming from its belief that the world’s 1.8 billion young people are a force for global transformation, the Higher Committee of Human Fraternity will host its inaugural Human Fraternity Youth Summit in 2022. The Summit will provide students the opportunity to connect and collaborate with fellow young leaders and changemakers in-person, as well as learn from high-level experts, world and religious leaders, and prominent activists.

Inspired by the Document on Human Fraternity and the papal encyclical ‘Fratelli Tutti,’ the Summit will include in-person lectures and labs that prepare students to execute a project related to human fraternity, peace, and coexistence. The Summit will center on the following four pillars:






Who can attend the Summit?

The Human Fraternity Youth Summit strives to identify the most impactful young changemakers from every country in the world, and will bring together 100 youth annually to inspire, engage, and empower the next generation of leaders to be ambassadors of human fraternity.


The Higher Committee of Human Fraternity welcomes applications from young people all around the world for its Human Fraternity Youth Summit 2022. The Higher Committee is looking for applicants with a demonstrated passion for human fraternity, peacebuilding, and/or interreligious dialogue to join the inaugural summit. Applicants should be between the ages of 18 and 25 years old and should be proficient in English (reading, writing, and speaking).


Applicants must either be: i) Enrolled in either an undergraduate (bachelor’s) or graduate (master’s) university program or ii) Graduates from the most recent academic year.


The Higher Committee is looking for applicants who are familiar with current national (youth) policies and have knowledge on the key issues confronting the world today. They should be an active member of youth-related organizations in his/her country and demonstrate leadership experience in their school and/or in their communities. The ideal applicant will have the ability to work in collaboration with peers; hold strong communication skills and proficiency in social media communications; be self-motivated, innovative, and open-minded; have a lifelong pursuit of learning and a respect for other cultures and backgrounds.


How to apply for the Summit?

The application is an online process that requires completing an online form and attaching accompanying documents including a CV and a university transcript/certificate.

The application does not require any fee. Applicants may be asked to supply additional information upon request.

The application deadline is XXX. Applicants will be informed of their selection by XXX. If you have questions about the application or application instructions, please contact XXX.

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