Our mission is to inspire all people to live the values of human fraternity. We believe the values of the Document on Human Fraternity are key to promoting peace on all levels: between individuals, organizations, nations, and even between humanity and the environment. As our increasingly fragmented world continues to suffer from extremism and intolerance, our innovative initiatives aim to put human fraternity values into action by inspiring leaders and empowering youth, women, and vulnerable communities, to pursue and realize a more peaceful future.


We are in service of others – motivating, enabling, coaching, advising and partnering with people and organizations to embody and spread goodwill in all that they do.

All people

We believe that the values of human fraternity are universal. They have the power to create harmony among all people of the world, without requiring uniformity.

To Live

The values of human fraternity are both a message of goodwill and daily practices. We are committed to helping people imagine how the values of human fraternity might shape what they do and how they do it.

Values of

We believe that human fraternity values hold the key to creating peaceful coexistence on earth. All that we do, is rooted in and inspired by these values.