Youth Initiatives 2021


Our youth programs bring together young people from different countries, cultures, and faiths and assist them in implementing the principles of human fraternity in their communities and societies.

Human Fraternity Education and Leadership for Peace (HELP) program

The Higher Committee of Human Fraternity’s Human Fraternity Education and Leadership for Peace (HELP) program is a global movement dedicated to improving human fraternity among youth throughout the world. Though coming from many cultures, traditions, and identities, we unite behind a common purpose of living together as one human family.

 The program is focused on areas of work that represent the biggest global opportunities for youth to improve inclusion, solidarity, and human fraternity, by building their capacity to analyze problems critically, to act and to participate in order to promote the human fraternity spirit, and finally to foster fraternity through designing long-lasting solutions to sustain this transformation. 


The HELP program aims to:

  • Create a global platform for fraternity, peaceful coexistence and inter-religious dialogue 
  • Mentor, motivate and mobilize the next generation of leaders to become voices of human fraternity and change in their own communities 
  • Kickstarting a global youth movement empowered with the necessary tools to take action and make an impact by solving human fraternity challenges




Leymah Gbowee

Nobel Peace Laureate and Higher Committee of Human Fraternity member


Adama Dieng

Former UN Special Advisor on the Prevention of Genocide


Rabbi M. Bruce Lustig

Senior Rabbi at Washington Hebrew Congregation


Judge Mohamed Abdelsalam

Secretary-General of Higher Committee of Human Fraternity


H.E. Mohamed Al Mubarak

Chairman of the Department of Culture, Abu Dhabi